elecciones.es in Europe: The VoteMatch.eu Project

Since 2011, elecciones.es has been working in a network of European citizen education webpages with the aim of improving technology and contents of VAAs. The final objective was to present in 2014 a common webpage summarizing the work done, and that would allow users to find out which was the closest party to the not only in their country, but also in other European countries.

On April 28th, 2014, VoteMatch.eu is officially presented in Maastricht during the first debate among the candidates for presiding the European Commission.  

For this project, coordinated by ProDemos in the Netherlands with the collaboration of elecciones.es, we’ve received support from the Open Society Foundation, NECE Programme (Networking European Citizenship Education) from the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and from the Grundtvig Programme of the European Commission for life-long learning.

To make the final VoteMatch.eu work, we found a list of 20 statements to be answered by all the political parties o relevant coalitions in each participating country. Each country is including in their own webpage at least 15 of those statements to allow a final comparison that gives the user not only the party that is closer to her/his at their country, but also on an European level.

If you’re interested on the project and need more information, please write to our email info @ elecciones.es.